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Dr. Olivera Markovic, President

Advancing education and science for women’s health

The Global Academy for Women's Health, Inc. is a non-profit organization with mission to advance education and science for women's health globally.

The Academy integrates life-long non-profit activities of the founders and managers of BioSciCon, Inc., continuing their legacy to work for public benefit and save lives.

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GAWH hopes to be able to contribute to the reduction of women’s healthcare disparity around the world

The Global Academy for Women's Health was incorporated in the State of Maryland in June of 2007 and is located in Rockville, MD, USA. The Academy, organized exclusively for educational and scientific purposes, qualifies as exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any further federal tax code.

The advancement of science in the field of women's health is a dedication of the Global Academy. This includes supporting scientific research leading to public benefit by developing better technologies for early detection, prevention and diagnosis of diseases, which are intended to women globally. Prevention of gynecological malignancies, cervical cancer in particular, is the most immediate goal, since thousands of women still die each year of disease that could be easily prevented. Regretfully, 600,000 women develop cervical cancer each year and above 300,000 women die, mostly in the developing world. The Global Academy helps developing affordable cytological cervical cancer screening methodology which, with telemedicine and home specimen self-collection, will give an unprecedented opportunity for women to participate in life-saving cervical cancer screening. Supporting the development of simple, low-cost devices affordable and accessible to many more women, Global Academy for Women’s Health hopes to be able to contribute to the reduction of women’s healthcare disparity.

Teaching courses and publishing worldwide the Global Academy is advancing education

In the field of education, the Academy is dedicated to developing high quality professional and public educational programs, organizing and conducting public forums and discussion groups, presenting courses, lectures and workshops at colleges and universities and publishing educational material (brochures) and scientific papers and books for world-wide professional and general audiences. The founder is renown cancer research scientist and experienced medical school and university professor. Please see Publications pages at this web site and web site.

In 2008, The Global Academy supported Drs. Olivera and Nenad Markovic to write the book "'What every woman should know about cervical cancer" that was published by renown international publisher, Springer. It was distributed worldwide and was very well accepted.

Recently, in January 2017 the Second, updated and extended edition of the book was published by Springer and distributed for world-wide audience (, or book is available in hardcover, paperback, electronic and kindle editions. When you visit those web sites you can read segments of the book directly on the Internet on the cited web sites.