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The Global Academy for Women's Health acknowledges the continuous support provided by BioSciCon, Inc. Rockville, MD. BioSciCon is R&D biotechnology company focused on the development of the proprietary biomarker-based, MarkPap® technology products aimed for improving the quality of women’s lives by providing means to relive women from the well justified fear to die from cervical cancer (www.bioscicon.com). The emerging biomarker technology provides opportunity for development of multiple devices with many advantages in comparison with the current standard medical practice. This process incites a huge individual and collective intellectual effort, which creates new information for the protection and promotion of women's health. This “science for public benefit” research guarantees a continuous source of inspiring ideas for the mission of the Academy.

The Global Academy acknowledges the support of Springer Science+Business Media BV, Life Science/Biomedical Unit, Dordrecht, Netherlands for publishing, marketing and distribution of the First and Second Edition of the book "What Every Woman should know about Cervical Cancer."

Our special thanks go to Mr. Skipp Boyenga, experienced outstanding professional in visual design/UX/web site design and development, for sponsoring, designing and maintaining this web site.

We acknowledges the support provided in the past by the Executive Director, Ms. Elaine Amir and her Team while the Global Academy was located at the Johns Hopkins University, Montgomery County Campus, Rockville, MD.

The Academy has received support and contributions from individual donors and private foundations in the Washington Metro Area.

The Global Academy is accepting sponsorships/donations to help promoting further its mission in science and education of women's health globally. The contribution is tax-deductible according to the IRS Code 501(c)3.  Sponsors will be immediately notified about the acceptance of their contribution, they will be recognized on the Global Academy for Women's Health web site and will be appropriately acknowledged in the Academy's publication material.

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