Professor Dr. Nenad Markovic, M.D., Ph.D


With deep pain and sadness, we announce the passing of professor Nenad Markovic, president of the board of the Global Academy of Women’s Heath, Rockville MD.

Dr. Markovic was a brilliant scientist with more than 300 scientific papers, invited lectures, reviewed, commented in chapters and books. The last book was published by Springer ("What Every Woman Should Know About Cervical Cancer", 3rd edition).

He was an inventor, developer of the new platform, Markpap Technology®. It is biomarker based, mobile, with possibly of home, self-sample collection and testing. Home pap test opens the possibility that a much larger population can be screened, and this will solve the ever-lasting cervical cancer screening problems worldwide.

Professor Markovic was also an FDA medical reviewer.

Dr. Markovic was involved in more than 30 generations of under-graduate, graduate and post-graduate studies. He was appointed professor at 5 universities/medical schools in both US and Europe. He was teaching internal medicine, oncology, hematology, and pathophysiology. He developed a new english speaking school/university in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia, and was appointed on many high administrative functions as a President of the Yugoslavian Cancer Society.

Dr. Nenad was a wonderful father and husband. He was the love of my life, my inspiration, my happiness. We were two bodies and one shadow for more than 60 years.

I love you so much, my dearest. Zbogom nojmiliji moj, Tvoja Onja.

Professor Markovic also developed 4 additional companies: BioSciCon, Inc., MarkPap LLC., MarkPap India LLC, MarkPap Pacific, LLC. More information about these companies can be found online.

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